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Travel Tips

People who write for travel publications and travel frequently for a living consistently offer these 10 travel tips:

  1. When flying, in order to counteract the dehydrating effects of high altitude, drink bottled water and avoid alcohol.

  2. Pack as light as possible, try to minimize the number of pieces of luggage. Itís ok to wear the same items twice.

  3. Bring your most comfortable pair of shoes and look for excuses to walk. Sightseeing by foot is more interesting and refreshing than from a bus or cab.

  4. Minimize the impact of lost luggage by packing a variety of items in each piece, rather than placing all suits in one, or all dresses in another.

  5. Mail items back home as you travel, rather than cart them with you. Bring tape and large envelopes with you, if you anticipate difficulty in finding mailing supplies at your destination.

  6. Carry important papers in your jacket or in a small pack next to your body, rather than in a separate purse or shoulder bag.

  7. Before leaving, buy reading materials at used book stores or garage sales, then leave them behind for others as you travel, to free up space for souvenirs.

  8. Pack older clothes about to be discarded and discard them instead along your journey.

  9. If you break up a long jet trip with a weekend stay halfway to your destination, then you will feel more refreshed and ready to enjoy yourself at your final stop.

  10. Before you leave home, do your homework. Research your destination and learn as much as possible. You may encounter some surprises in your reading that will inspire new itinerary items.

Enjoy your trip!


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